No Rules

Civilization must be an illusion
for it so easily falls apart
as we unleash the dogs
of war and terror.

Revenge, retribution are
more relevant than empathy,
which is ever elusive,
except when it comes to one’s
own tribe.

Compromise has no standing
when life is undervalued
leaving all solutions to be
devastating and tragic.

We are an all or nothing
species, thinly disguised 
as sentient and caring
about puppies and such.

But not so much for people
sharing our planet, if they salute
a different flag or kneel 
to a different god. 

It now appears, there are
no rules; for the illusion of
civilization is shattered, 
and we are who we are. 


One thought on “No Rules”

  1. I am happy I inspired this. I share the feelings . When these horrible atrocities happen we are very quick to get the blood up and want total revenge regardless of the consequences and the costs. As the Last Israeli Ambassador to France said yesterday. “Anger does not lead to smart decisions”.

    I have served in the Middle East in black operations and I was a member of the team that planned and carried out the failed Hostage Rescue of 45 American State Department staff. These issues are complex and we don’t know all the answers. I know Israel needs to respond, but I hope they plan well and try not to turn this into a even bigger regional war and human tragedy.

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