This America

There are arid lands, with impossible
palm trees and rocks and lizards and
things which scurry and people build
growing farm lands and cities with
the water from below.

There are flat lands, with fields followed
by fields, where crows scour the earth
and mice run, and crops grow skyward
as people use great machines to plant,
harvest, raise cattle … here water is life.

There are cities, paved, with mountainous
buildings, and artificial light, and pigeons
scavenge and dogs and cats fight as people
live and work in industries never before imagined,
as water is piped and pumped.

There are forests, grand, evergreen,
stretching for miles and miles,
where deer frolic and play and bears
and raccoons seek easy meals from
people camping along bubbling brooks.

There are mountains rocky and purple
in the sun’s slanting glow where
goats and lions find their keep with
majestic eagles that people watch, as
they hike and ski on frozen waters.

There are coasts by the seas and great lakes,
where fish maybe found in huge numbers
and great and small vessels ply the waves
as seabirds twirl and dive and people live
watching daily the sun rising and setting on the water.

This is America, the majesty of our heritage,
millions and millions of acres of beauty
and diversity for us to enjoy, as We The People
of this great land celebrate and protect our
diversity washed in the blood of patriots and
the waters of our great fortune.


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