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Kim:  This is why I climb.


Kim’s Climb …. he said don’t call it a hike!

The crew was 32, 28, 23, and 18 years old.  Kim was definitely the old man.

TAT Approach:

Ruth Amphitheater


Kim SA:

Kim Perch:

Kim Knot Pass Close:

Group Photo:

Good morning:

Elliot Matt Perch:

Ducks in a Row:

Camp Scenery:

Camp from Perch:


Kim’s Trip To Alaska:

How horrible, a trail out the back door of his motel… in the middle of nowhere …  July 5, 2020 ?

July 6, 2020 Lunch break at 3500 feet:

July 7, 2020 PB&J on Whittier Bay!!

July 7, 2020 …Fresh prints but I did not see him. Note the safety is off the bear spray:

July 8, 2020… and I quote: “It’s raining like snot today, but I’m hiking anyway”

July 8, 2020…

Kim Vogel:

Here is the start of a new story for you. Why is this ring in the middle of this rock in the middle of nowhere.  Why is it so worn in one spot. 

Michael Varga:

Did you intend to send a pic?

Kim Vogel:

Give it some time, I’m in the middle of Alaska. The internet consists of squirrels carrying things along the ground.

Michael Varga:

Looks kinda creepy 

Kim Vogel:

That is where your story comes in!!

Michael Varga:

Where are you? How far into the wilderness?

Kim Vogel:

About 1 mile into Falls Creek trail, near Indian Alaska. The first mile of the trail is really steep along side a fast running stream.

Falls Creek Trail – Google Maps



June 23, 2020
by Kim Vogel

It Has Been Two Weeks

It has been two weeks,
That I have suffered through.
It has been two weeks,
That I never knew,
How much I would miss her,
How much I would cry,
The hole that I feel,
My tears never dry.
It has been two weeks.


June 13, 2020
Eulogy for Beverly Elizebeth Vogel
Written by Kim Vogel

Today We Celebrate Beverly Elizebeth Vogel
She is a wife, she is our mom, she is our grandma,
She is our great grandma, she is our friend,
She is a Triplett, she is a Vogel, she is a Methodist, she is a kind soul,
But most of all she is a central point of the family
Each of us holds dear our set of experiences with her,
Each of us holds dear our wonderful memories of her,
Each of us know the joy of coming home to her,
Each of us has experienced her tears as we leave.
Throughout our lives Beverly has had a profound influence on each of us.
She has shown each of us the value of compassion,
The value of laughter, the value of kindness,
The value of doing simple little things for those we love,
And even now, the value of gathering family together.
Beverly was not anxious for this moment,
However, she knew that it was her moment.
She awoke in the middle of her last night,
Reached across the beds to hold hands with her husband,
One last simple little thing for someone she loved.
While we all need some time to grieve this moment,
We all need to spend a lifetime celebrating this moment,
Celebrating her mom-ness
Celebrating her grandma-ness
Celebrating her Methodist-ness
Celebrating her Vogel-ness
But mostly celebrating that such a huge part of her fills such a huge part of us.

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