Playing with Fire

The ones who light the fire,
now seek praise and attention
for putting out the blaze.

What’s the drama in just doing
a job of service and governance?

When the bright-lights are shining
they seem the most fulfilled.

Without the cameras there’d
be no drama to share,  but there’d
also be no end to corruption.

As the proverb goes,
those playing with matches
will get burned.

Eventually we will replace fools
playing with fire with quiet
competence and leadership …

Or else, it will all burn down
and an even bigger fool will show
minting his gold medals.

The new king to rule over a mess,
as he fires simple fools, taking
his retribution, and ending elections.

Then it is we who”ll dearly wish
we’d taken their matches long ago,
and replaced the fire feeding fools.

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