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A Perfect Opportunity

For adults in the room… specifically the house of representatives in the US Congress is the room I speak of… to come together and show long-missing leadership putting America ahead of respective party.

The opportunity is a pending government funding crisis, a thin Republican majority in the house, and malcontent wacko-extremist MAGA handful who want to burn it all down.

The leadership we need is Democrats to support a weaken speaker, Kevin McCarthy, against the MAGA extremists… and for Kevin McCarthy to swallow his Republican-pride and seek help from the other side of the aisle.   Yes it would be a mess in his party, but it would be leadership much needed for Americans to see, and it might just signal a sea-change in how representative democracy can work.

Can you imagine a house of representatives in congress showing leadership and accomplishing meaningful bipartisan legislation in a hostile divisive environment?

I know… I’m such an optimist!


Finding Meaning

Thoughts are fleeting,
ideas if they change a heart
in a moment may live on in
life after life … a legacy unattributed.

And yet secrets are held
in the art we gaze upon,
in poetry held in one’s hand
and in nature’s mysteries.

For true are the moments
if one is open to it and
allows the spirit to absorb
meaning in everything.

Yet nothingness exists
so everything will have
its meaning in these
moments and forever.

And we are nothing if not a
series of moments and truths
expressed, and the sum is our
meaning… a legacy attributed.


Remember the Future

I was writing a poem today about the future
when looking at the date, I remembered.

I remembered 22 years ago how thousands
were planning a future which in one
day’s time be no more.

How could we forget the dramatic and tragic
loss and the fear, and the united, determined
America which responded to the threat?

And wallow instead in the disputes and
divide we see today, and worry about a
future some never grew old enough to see.

We have a future we should value,
we have a loss we should remember, and
we should maintain our hope in America.

A prayer today
for those who lost their future… and
for those who fought for all of ours!





Keep Stress Outside the Wall (2)

I rewrote this as I was editing for new book of poetry… 

Keep Stress Outside the Wall

Keep stress outside the wall
do not answer, no matter
its mindful mournful call.

Call the archers to the fight,
light all the fires you can and
bring light to the darkest night.

Never tire defending, for the stone
laid in your castle walls are strong
and look and see you’re not alone.

If it breaches, it fights eviction,
like an unwelcome tenant
challenging fervent conviction.

And if the wolf is thru the door,
and it is howling at you, then
you must wrestle it to the floor.

For you can and will surely win
you have weapons and help,
so never give-up, never give-in.

Batch vs. Loop

I was sent an article called The Great Divide, from the Magazine Wired, written by Paul Ford.  It was interesting, suggesting that there are two ways to the see the world using computer processing analogy of batch vs. loop processing to compare the two; and a need to reconcile the differences.

In short, the premise is that like the early days of computing where you fed carefully prepared punch cards into the computer and awaited a response (batch) versus the interactive way we use computers today (loop)… the computer now waits for us to respond, whereas in the past, it was us waiting for the computer to answer.  Applied to current events, congress – our law-creating body in this country operates in a batch fashion… yet us as constituents we mostly operate in a TicToc, Facebook, Google world which is decidedly  loop.  Our institutions move slow, we input our concerns, our issues, our desires and we wait to see how the system may respond, if it does at all.

But there is another aspect of batch vs. loop to consider which I think is very important.  In the past, as well as present, the concepts of conservatism, of liberalism, or socialism, or any other form of thought operated on the basis of writings and debated ideas by philosopher’s, politicians and even religious leaders who hoped to lead our thinking in preparation for the batch processing that is governing, the batch process which is the basis of civic involvement.

Yesterday, speaking with some young people, and some not so young, I found them conditioned to loop processing in our highly interactive world.  We shop for something online and the ads get pushed to us. We push a button, and arguably batch but still very fast-loop a product is delivered to our doorstep.   We stream entertainment, with a switch from one platform to another and then another until something grabs our attention.  And so too, we and they are attracted to populism, the interactive relationship with political leaders is sought after, they react to the ones articulating and responding, however unreasonably, to grievances and fears we share.

There is little-to-no batch processing, such as reading opinion pieces or seeking data on performance and history, rather we respond to and quote the latest heard in the interactive world of the loop.
As an example, on the left, I heard affection for Marianne Williamson, not for any specific position, but because she’s popular on Tic-Toc… and on the right, affection for Vivek Ramaswamy, because he was demonstrably communicative, and quick on the debate stage, not for specific positions… with the exception of a position for raising the voting age to 25 which was surprisingly illustrative of what they thought about their generation’s attention to this batch-world of governing… and blindness to the obvious positioning of a right-wing which is demographically older and whiter.

Populism is winning because it fits the  nearly single-minded “loop-mindset” prevalent in our world today.   There is no reconciling batch vs. loop, the only solution is to value and enhance both.


The Soul of the Sea

Art by Marianne Elias

The Soul of the Sea

The soul of the sea speaks to me
as the waves sing in harmony
and winds of wisdom push us along
playing the rigging in rhythm of song

The glorious glowing golden sky bright
with the shine of life-giving sunlight
dancing and mingling amongst the waves
bearing upon the hearts and souls’, it saves.

Is it the reflection of the sea on the sky we see
or is overarching horizons coloring a mercurial sea?
Is it the mysteries of unfathomable deep which inspire,
or is the ever changing sky which lights souls’ on fire?

The music of the birds, the expression of the sky
with reason and purpose we ask ourselves why
not to imagine distant travels on a fair quartering wind
as we fancy ourselves like ancient voyagers of our pretend.

But it is the journey of the soul we always know
which puts us in the middle of this timeless show,
where the sky performs, and the waves sing
and imaginary worlds and journeys begin.



Book Published

I wrote the following book over the last couple of years as a way of documenting the story of a friend of mine, Steve Wurst.  Steve is an entrepreneur and highly talented engineer and inventor who formed a company and developed a hypersonic engine and flight vehicle concept.  For many reasons it failed to be a market success, but it remains a remarkably innovative solution to the problem of hypersonic flight.  This book is the result of many conversations and  interviews with Steve, as well as online research.



Disaster and Tragedy

When infrastructure is weak, and fates align
then disaster and its twin, tragedy will find
their chance to do whatever they desire
bringing forth flood, collapse and raging fire
to the people who fatefully left to neglect
infrastructure for which time would decrepit
and they would then say how could this be?
When all along it was they who didn’t see,
it was up to them to invest in their own
lest the twins bring forth horrors unknown.

Sadly, there will be more sins of omission,
leaving  the twins opportunity for commission
of ever greater disaster and tragedy
as we continue unobservant, failing to see.

We Need to See

In a time of divisiveness, justice may be blind
but the people must see for themselves to find
that the system is fair, arguments of facts prevail
not spun to determine prosecution success or fail.

Defenses cannot be given as opinion or hearsay
and the authority of witnesses clearly on display
so that truth can be seen and carefully judged
and lies, and stories terminally be smudged.

Bring the unblinking cameras into the room
to give public witness and we may assume
that the spinners, the shapers of the story
will be drowned by truth in its raging glory.

The biggest story of our lifetime.
The greatest injustice and crime
being perpetrated on democracy
deserves a change in long-standing policy

Bring the cameras in  and show doubters the truth,
and if there be a defense worth hearing, let loose
for this is how justice works, on vertible facts
not crazy stories and insurrectionist acts.

For the defense of our democracy
in the face of attempted autocracy
requires everyone seeing it’s the rule of law
which will be the mighty’s  down fall.







Last Night

Last night I laid awake
thinking of a poem, or was
it a song, which went on
and on in my head.

I thought to get out of bed,
to get it to paper, but I
persuaded myself I had
written it already.

It  was a grand flight of
fancy, travel to another
time and place, but it
seemed totally in reason.

Something I could sing
to the moon, and it was
beautiful, but now it is
but a memory of a feeling.

The song is gone, the poem
unwritten, but the feeling
of flight remains
etched in my heart.