There’s psychotherapy, which is talking
and aroma-therapy which is smelling
and sleep-therapy which is sleeping
and cognitive-behavioral, which is
thinking before acting (seems a good idea),
and then there is dialectical behavior
therapy which is merely accepting
what one is thinking and feeling.

Then there is exposure-therapy, which
is exposing us to what we are afraid of,
then there is interpersonal therapy,
which seems to be helping us realize
when relationships are not good for us.
But wait there’s more… mentalization,
psychodynamic, emotion-focused, and
animal-assisted therapies.

If you cannot get help from animals then
maybe family therapy is for you, if
family makes it worse, there’s group therapy,
and if this isn’t working you can work
on me, myself and I in mindfulness therapy.

More fun is creative-arts therapies,
and even better are play therapies.
And we have not scratched the surface of
pharmaceutical therapies, and physical
therapies, all arrayed in front of us
because it seems we somehow get
broken in this world between the
womb and where we are.

And thus, I offer a dose of
poetic therapy!

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